Raffles Hotel – Singapore

A few years ago I had a change to visit Singapore, I have posted about Singapore before but found a few pictures of the time I visited the Raffles Hotel to drink a “Singapore Sling”.

The hotel itself an beautiful historic building. But don’t try to walk in the lobby unless you are a overnight guest at the hotel. If you want to go to any of the restaurants or the famous Long Bar, there is a promenade for non-guests. It was a long walk from the main entrance of the hotel to the Long Bar.

I went to the Long Bar to drink my “Singapore Sling”, I am glad I did it once, is was an expense drink. They have a unique tradition where you eat the complimentary peanuts they server and throw the nut shells on the floor.

Next time I am in Singapore, I would not mind staying here to see what its like beyond the velvet rope.

I seem to have deleted most of my photos and this is all that was left. Fist the main facade of the hotel, with holiday decorations.


And a selfie after I was told the hotel lobby is for overnight guests only….  IMG_6274

After walking the promenade finally at the Long Bar, and my Singapore Sling, I won’t go into this history of the drink as its written about at length already. Also the complimentary peanuts… IMG_6279

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