Park Hyatt – Busan

This is another post for a trip from a few years ago. I found a few pictures from a trip I took to Busan, South Korea. I only a have a few pictures left to share. I took the KTX or bullet train from Seoul to Busan.  The hotel was less than a year old when I visited so everything was new and spotless. Located in the middle of a new high rise city complex between two popular beaches in Busan, its a good base to start a weekend fun.

The hotel interior design is modern with a twist of traditional Korean elements. This is a well rounded and well sized hotel, as some hotels in the area can host the ‘tourist buses’.  This is the view from the lobby lounge while I was enjoying a cup of coffee.


This was the view from my room. A harbor view. IMG_6167

Lounging at the hotel pool. IMG_6157

An a mirror selfie from my lounge chair.IMG_6160

A selfie from the hot tub, with the pool in the background. IMG_6162

From the hot tub looking toward the harbor. IMG_6163

The bathroom as nice with the traditional screen door with a modern twist motif.


We went to this restaurant for dinner for Busan style galbi. The Korean BBQ hit the spot as it was a cold winter day.IMG_6166

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