The Resort at Pelican Hill – Newport Beach CA

This is my second post about this resort. This is what I call the typical example of Resort Lifestyle. Everything in the resort is beautiful, clean and the service is impeccable. The Resort has the famous Colosseum Pool, the circular pool is one of the largest pools I have ever seen, but the the highlight is that the pool is really never closed and you can swim anytime. We had dinner on the Colosseum Grill and then went for a swim. We were the only ones for a good hour. At night if you float on your back looking at the night sky, you can see the stars in the sky with the glow of the pool in your peripheral vision.

The Rooms are bungalows, and offer great privacy. I got the most basic room, but it was very large. Very high ceilings and a patio with a garden view, I am sure the more expensive suites or villas have ocean views.

Sunset view with dinner…

IMG_0481 IMG_0494 IMG_0495 IMG_0496

Sunset reflection on my Champaign.  IMG_0497

The pool after dinner, This is the best time to swim. I love empty pools. The glow of the pool and the stars in the sky made for a great swim!IMG_0512
IMG_0505 IMG_0507 IMG_0506IMG_0513

My room…
IMG_0514 IMG_0515 IMG_0501IMG_0519 IMG_0516 IMG_0517
IMG_0520 IMG_0521 IMG_0522 IMG_0529 IMG_0534 IMG_0476IMG_0535 IMG_0477

And a selife… IMG_0537 IMG_0538 IMG_0540 IMG_0541

The court yard at my bungalow.

I visited the golf club house before breakfast.
IMG_0544 IMG_0545 IMG_0546

The Resorts lobby and main building. IMG_0548 IMG_0549 IMG_0550 IMG_0553 IMG_0555 IMG_0557 IMG_0558

View of the ocean and golf course. IMG_0559

Breakfast. IMG_0560 IMG_0561

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