Window Seat – Row A

There are people who prefer aisle seats and people who prefer window seats. I prefer window seats, no matter how much I fly I like to look out the widow to see the open skies.

There are a few window views that I saw years ago that I regret I did not have a camera to capture it in no particular order below:

  1. Landing in Hong Kong’s old international airport – the runway was in the harbor between Victoria Island and Kowloon making for a great view.
  2. The Hale-Bopp Comet – I flew from JKF to Heathrow in 1997 and the captain made an announcement that he flew high enough to see the comet. I vividly remember how dark the sky was, and how large the comet looked out side my window.
  3. Curvature of the Earth and Scandinavia including parts of northern Europe – In the early / mid 1990’s I look a non-stop flight from Seoul to Paris. Back then the flight did not fly over China, but looped around the Pacific and flew over Siberia. On this flight the captain announced to look out the window to have a real live geography class. We took the airline magazine and flipped to the back pages where they usually have a world map with airline routes and actually saw the most of Northern Europe out our window.
  4. 747 First Class window – Its sad that the 747’s are being mostly phased out. The first class seats in the old 747’s had a unique view in the very first window seat rows. The cockpit is on the upper deck leaving the pointed end of the first deck for first class, this pointed nose end of the aircraft gave unique views especially for takeoff and landing with forward facing views, usually only seen from the cockpit.

Now I try to take a picture of the view out of my window. See a few unique views from mostly Row A, my preferred seat.

San Francisco and the Bay.


Chicago a few years ago.

IMG_0823Las Vegas… leaving Las Vegas to SFO.
IMG_0953Sunrise over New York City – Redeye flight from SFO to JFK.
IMG_1370 IMG_1379 IMG_1380 Flight from SFO to Spokane – Almost think you can see the curvature of Earth. IMG_4852 I do not remember what flight this was but looking out the window never gets old.IMG_6182

Flight to Jamaica – some where over the Caribbean…IMG_7535 Flight from SFO to LAX. Sunsets are always worth the view. IMG_8740 IMG_8741SFO to JFK night view of Manhattan.
IMG_9179 View of Queens at night. IMG_9181 Las Vegas. IMG_9761

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