The Waldorf Towers – New York

The Waldorf Towers is a boutique hotel on the top floors of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on Park Avenue in New York. The Towers section has a long list of Heads of State, the powerful and the famous as its guests. Its one of the few hotels in New York with permanent and long term residents. Many of its suites has taken the name of its former residents.  I was lucky to get an upgrade to one of those historic suites, but the hotel is showing signs of age and could use a renovation. If you want to know what living in a Classic Six on Park Avenue feels and looks like, book a suite at The Towers.

The Waldorf-Astoria is a very large hotel that covers an entire city block in Mid-town. It can feel like a Vegas check in. The Towers is a much more personal experience.

The suite was large very large and the room proportions were of grand Park Avenue Pre-war Co-ops. This is the kind of hotel the longer you stay the more you see its beauty and get addicted it. The Towers was a great experience, even with its worn out edges it was classic New York.


The lobby of The Towers is located on 50th Street and not on Park Avenue – its very simple and reserve.  

The entire building is an Art Deco work of art.
IMG_1429A selfie in the elevator. 
IMG_1423IMG_1425Historic suite.
Guests of The Towers are offered complimentary breakfast, but its small and has limited selections, good for coffee and small bites.

The Towers entrance in the Lobby of the Waldorf-Astoria.
IMG_1420The Bull and Bear Restaurant Bar. 

Waldorf Private label – my quest to drink it all.

After my drink I decided to venture out of the Towers and tour the Walford-Astoria section of the hotel. In general the public areas are grand is scale. IMG_1469IMG_1472IMG_1473IMG_1471

The lobby in this section of the hotel is a long secession of grand rooms that run from one end to the other end of the hotel. In the center is one of a few famous clocks in New York where the term “meet me under the clock” can be used.

This place is also famous for its large event space, hosting some of the most prestigious events in the city. The Grand Ball room is the city’s largest.
IMG_1458IMG_1461IMG_1462Another famous event space is the Starlight Room – starting from the foyer. 
I had only seen these spaces in pictures and in the paper’s society section. It was great that the hotel staff showed me around. 

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