The Plaza Hotel – New York

The Plaza Hotel New York. I have always wanted to stay here at least once. After the last renovation it is now part residence and hotel with a very high end Asian style department store food hall / Harrods style food hall in the lower levels. The Plaza is a New York fixture in fact and fiction – having hosted many important social and historical events to playing an important role in the Great Gastby.

Like most of New York and 5th Avenue everything here leans on the expensive side. With the new renovations most of the rooms facing the park are now residences. Rooms have been updated but keep true to its classical heritage and have gold plated bathroom fixtures.

The building it self is beautiful, the food hall adds a nice modern touch and with good amenities and options. The food hall has big named chefs like Todd English and Boulud so be sure to try most of the food there. No pictures of the food hall but worth a visit even if you are not staying at the hotel.

Old School elevators…


The elevators were on the small side.

Gold plated fixtures in the bathroom…

Gold plated shower heads… It was a first for me… IMG_1492IMG_1566IMG_1509

The famous Palm Court was restored and beautiful…IMG_1497

Waiting for breakfast at the Palm Court…


The public lobby, the guest lobby is to the left where the Champaign Bar and Rose Clubs are located, helping with the crowd control.  IMG_1551IMG_1550

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