Glistening Waters – Jamaica

Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica has bioluminescent micro-organisms in the water that glow blue when you disturb the water around them. It is best seen in the dark, we were told that hot temperatures during the day time will result in more vibrant glows at night. After we had dinner at the lagoon we took a boat ride to the middle of the lagoon in almost total darkness. You can see the blue glow as the boat races to the middle of the lagoon. Then you have the option to jump in, it was scary to jump in and the water was shallow and the lagoon has a ‘soft mud’ surface and your feed can sink in… but hey you only live once… and I jumped in. It was amazing, every time I moved the water around me turned blue. When you get out of the water your body will sparkle blue for a few seconds.

First dinner at the restaurant.

IMG_7551 IMG_7552IMG_7559

I am swimming in the picture below.
IMG_7576 IMG_7586 IMG_7645 My hand in the water as the boat returns to the dock.

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