Rick’s Cafe – Jamaica

Rick’s Cafe is world famous for its cliff jumping. This place is filled with the MTV crowd it looks like a spring break video. I did it, I landed on my butt and it was painful, but it was worth the jump, I think I would do it again. After the jump there are ‘local’ guides that show you a cave under the cliff. They ask you to swim up to a small opening, and climb a very narrow space until you enter a cave with a water hole opening that glows blue from the light sunlight outside. Then they ask you to swim out alone. They ask you for tips so do so only if you want to. Go late in the day, and after the jump enjoy the sunset.

IMG_0572 I get ready to jump. IMG_7813

I jump… IMG_1824 I hit the water hard… and the crowd watching all go quite for a second… IMG_7778

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