Pierre Gagnaire a Seoul – Korea

Pierre Gagnaire a Seoul. This restaurant is located on the 35th floor of the Lotte Hotel in downtown Seoul, South Korea. This is the first time I have tried his food, I had the lunch ‘La Mer’ tasting menu, with Billecart Salmon Champagne celebrating a friend’s birthday.  I was impressed, I was not expecting much but each dish had me wanting more. We had a late lunch and then they kindly asked us to move to the bar so they can prep the main dinning hall for dinner, and they also let us play in the famous Maupassant Private Dining Room. After trying this place now I want to try his Las Vegas restaurant Twist in the Mandarin Oriental.

Entry lobby to the restaurant.

IMG_0498 We tour some of the famous rooms in the restaurant – Maupassant Private Dining RoomIMG_0494 IMG_0492 IMG_0491 Stop by the bar for a quick drink before lunch… IMG_0482 IMG_0480 We order a this one for lunch… IMG_0479 The main dinning room is mostly gold color… IMG_0470 We are seated by the window with a view of Seoul. IMG_0458IMG_0457IMG_0456 Bread is always good… and bubbles. IMG_0461Lunch starts. IMG_0460IMG_0459The first course… it was good. But I again forgot to take a picture of my main course. IMG_0463Sweets… IMG_0464Coffee for a little pick-me-up…IMG_0466IMG_0468

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