Hollywood sign – Los Angeles

Some time ago on a visit to LA I wanted to see the Hollywood Sign, and not from a distance but up close. To get started, lunch at Petrossian in West Hollywood, what can go wrong… It was a caviar meal. Then an actual hike up to the Hollywood Sign – use your google maps… No need for directions from me. Go in the late afternoon and watch the sun set, it’s also cooler and you won’t sweat. Then grab dinner at the Bar Marmount, the restaurant was too hard to get in. It was nice experience I would do it again.

Caviar… 🙂



We drove up to a point then walked up a trail. The view is nice and the unique perception of the sign made the walk worth it. 2015/01/img_6488.jpg


The sun begins to set… 2015/01/img_6489.jpg

I take a selfie… 2015/01/img_6500.jpg


The flat LA skyline… 2015/01/img_6496.jpgThen we get hungry… time to go to the Chateau. 2015/01/img_6501.jpg

The Bar is more relaxed as the main Chateau Restaurant has a notorious velvet rope… 2015/01/img_6503.jpg


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