Fairmont Hotel and the Penthouse

Located on top of the Fairmont Hotel on top of Nob Hill, San Francisco – The Penthouse used to be the residence of the hotel owners. It’s now available for events and a hotel suite. The hotel’s public areas are grand and often hosts exclusive auto events.

The Penthouse is located on the top floor of the original historic building. The large formal living room is the center of the suite.



Off the living room is the terrace and fountain with panoramic view of Downtown San Francisco. 2015/01/img_3169.jpg

Also off the living room is a billard room. 2015/01/img_3174.jpgTile work and gold decorations. 2015/01/img_3171.jpg

Another highlight of the suite is the domed duplex library and office. 2015/01/img_3175.jpg




2015/01/img_3188.jpgThe dinning room.2015/01/img_3178.jpg

The Fairmount Hotel hosts many automotive events, like one for classic cars and other times host events for super cars. 2015/01/img_4283-0.jpg

There are lots of green areas and gardens at the hotel. 2015/01/img_0055.jpg

A very formal lobby… 2015/01/img_0059.jpg

Meeting at the penthouse living room. 2015/01/img_3193.jpg

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