The Clock – by Christian Marclay

It was hypnotic… I saw this exhibition at the SF MOMA. This visual / video art work is a mix of clips that edits references of time from movies and TV in real time, for example if a scene in a move referenced 7pm, it would be edited to show at exactly at 7pm. Each clip of a movie or TV show would be seamless, the background music, dialogue, the characters interact if it they were all in the same scene. I started standing in line at 5:30 PM, I got in a seat at 7:30 PM, I stayed till 1:30 AM. The climax was at midnight, I would have stayed as long as I could, but I had to use the bathroom and lost my seat. If you ever have a chance, the wait is worth it, I would go to see the other hours I did not get to experience. I would show more pictures, but they did not allow pictures…



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