Perceptual Cell – James Turrell – LACMA

I can’t fully describe in words… I have always wanted to see a James Turrell Exhibition, and I found that the LACMA had one including the Perceptual Cell and Dark Matters so I booked a trip to LA around this ticket.

I don’t have other pictures because they did not allow any pics in the special exhibition.

You have to sign a waver and you life away before you enter the cell. Its like a CAT scan table/bed, but they put you in a sphere where all you see is white and where your eyes can not focus on any thing – then lights starts to change.. and then…

I started seeing a kaleidoscopic… colors fragmenting in beautiful patterns, it was like a psychedelic explosion, I would focus on one area and then geometric patters would blossom or flow out like a fountain. The shapes and colors all seemed to have a purpose that seem to try to tell me something. Then all of a sudden, the colors would go all black or all white; I’m not quite sure, I felt like I was going blind. They actually have a panic button and I almost pressed it, when my vision went totally black. This was borderline hallucination… Then the next experience.

Dark Matters was the second part after the cell. You enter a totally pitch black room only guided by a rail on the wall and sit down in a sofa. There is a faint, a very faint light in the distance. The light in the distance start playing with your sight and You start seeing things… Until the guard tells you time is up.

The experience changed my out look on art in general. If I ever get a chance to see it again, I would do it again.



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