Big Sur – Highway 1 – CA

There are a few iconic road trips, and one of them is the drive down Highway 1 in Big Sur. Go to Pfeiffer Beach and swim if you can take the cold Pacific waters and also see the purple sand… Every trip I make there I am amazed… And will keep me coming back for more…

Baxby Bridge…


McWay Falls.IMG_4200.JPG

IMG_4199-0.JPGThis goes on for miles… miles… IMG_4187.JPG

Pfeiffer Beach IMG_5895.JPG


Going for a dip… IMG_5902.JPG

Somewhere along Highway 1… IMG_5846.JPG

Waiting for the sunset… IMG_5925.JPG



Pfeiffer Beach again, This time we swam in the ocean and it was cold… F@&king cold. IMG_5922.JPG

IMG_5913.JPGAnother sunset after another amazing road trip… IMG_5935.JPGIMG_5939.JPG

Baxby Bridge never gets old. The color of the ocean is brighter than usual this trip.



Back at Pfeiffer Beach… IMG_6109.JPG

Purple Sand… IMG_6217.JPG

IMG_5852Swim again… and the water is so cold… the surf is so strong we do not go deep. IMG_5875IMG_5884IMG_5917A few from the drive back up to San Francisco. IMG_1685IMG_8363 That is me in the center… IMG_8371 IMG_8373


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