Metropolitan Museum – New York

I have been to the Met many times and there is always more to see. I was lucky to explore the galleries completely alone for a few moments. This time I spent some time in the American Wing. I also always try to go to the roof garden to see a skyline and enjoy a drink after.

It was only me and the guard to view the ‘Crossing of the Delaware’.


Even the main stairs was empty, not a person in sight or heard. IMG_6758.JPG

The painting is grand… sometimes images you have seen a million times can be boring, but this painting’s scale, colors and its movement grabs your attention. IMG_6761.JPG

Another famous one in the same section of the Met. IMG_6764.JPGUsually one of the more busy courtyards in the Met, but totally empty… IMG_6759.JPG

I head down to the empty court yard… it feels so strange. IMG_6765.JPG

I decided to walk in the building and it felt like someones home with no other tourists… IMG_6767.JPG

Tile art work.IMG_6766.JPG

A selfie before they banned selfie sticks at the Met… IMG_6791.JPG

New York Skyline from the Met Roof Garden. IMG_6727.JPG

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