Gramercy Park Hotel

The Gramercy Park Hotel is trendy and hip with real big name art work throughout the hotel. Guests of the hotel are given access to the private Gramercy Park which is owned by buildings that surround the park. To explore the park is to experience a rare part of NYC that only a few get to ever set foot on. Experience what it feels like to be inside and looking out and not out side looking in.

The bar is nice, there are a few celebrity sightings, so the hotel can get very aggressive with their velvet rope.


On my way up… IMG_0911.JPG

The lobby has lots of seating where you can view the art work and enjoy art books.IMG_0905.JPG


I ask the hotel team to give me access to the park. Its quite and calm in the middle of a buzzing city. A view of the hotel on the right… Only hotel guests and home owners around the park have access to the park. I got the standard room and it was very small, it was dark like most of the hotel. IMG_0912.JPG

I walk around the park. As I was walking, I saw some lights in the dark corner, the closer I got… I found out they were fireflies… In the middle of Manhattan! IMG_0913.JPGAfter my walk, I decided to have breakfast at the terrace roof restaurant at the hotel. IMG_0918.JPG

The restaurant had a lot of plants… IMG_0919.JPG

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/ac2/70730819/files/2014/12/img_0920.jpgMore art works… IMG_0921.JPG

The lobby of the restaurant. IMG_0924.JPG

I head back down to the lobby to start my day in New York… IMG_0923.JPG




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