Four Seasons Restaurant – New York

The Four Seasons Restaurant New York opened in 1959, this landmark establishment was designed by Miles van der Rohe and Philip Johnson. Unchanged since it open, it shows how timeless good design can be. The trees in the Pool Dinning Room change with the seasons and the chain curtains move in a wave like fluid pattern to give the walls some life. It was a great lunch, go experience the New York Power Lunch. Its said the power lunch was invented here.

There is too much history to start taking about here. Its a landmark, New York Society and master of the universe Wall Street types all come here regularly.

I started off lunch at the bar for a quick drink before heading to the Pool Room for lunch.

Even after all these years, it still does not look old…

IMG_4861.JPGIMG_4862.JPGAfter a drink we are seated at the Pool Room in one of the corner seats so we get the full view of the room. I prefer to sit away from the pool. IMG_4864.JPGThe trees are already changed for the fall… IMG_4868.JPGOur corner seat. IMG_4865.JPG

And a selfie…IMG_4867.JPG

I didn’t take pictures of my meal… I forgot… but here are two desserts we ate… The meal was good, but very old school and traditional. There are rumors that it may close soon due to rising rents. It would be sad to see all this disappear. IMG_4870.JPG


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