Carlyle Hotel – New York

The Carlyle Hotel offers serious white glove service from the elevator attendants to the restaurant and address you formally. Only a few buildings in New York and even fewer hotels have elevator attendants. I had dinner The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges Vongerichten in the Mark Hotel across the street, and then drinks at Bemelmans Bar in the Carlyle. After a few round of drinks I ordered some late night room service. It was great to experience what the residents of the hotel get to experience everyday, very Upper East Side New York. I wait until the next the time I return to check in and hear “Welcome back to The Carlyle”.

The hotel has old world charm, the room was a little worn around the edges but service made up for it. The attention to detail was outstanding, the hotel team was always two steps ahead of me. IMG_4919.JPG

I had a craving for onion rings… So I ordered room service… IMG_4921.JPG

The hotel uses keys… IMG_4920.JPG

Leaving for dinner across the street at The Mark. IMG_4911.JPG

To my surprise I found the gym to be at full capacity. There are suites the are actual residence where owners live on a full time basis and it seemed all of them were there at the same time. So I go to Central Park for a walk… IMG_4927.JPG

Breakfast was calm and delicious… IMG_4926.JPG

After breakfast I went to the Metropolitan Museum and from the roof you can see the hotel. IMG_4896.JPG

I wait for a cab in before I leave to hotel. IMG_4894.JPG

Nice flowers on my floor elevator landing. IMG_4924.JPG

Dinner at The Mark Hotel. IMG_6746.JPG

Wine to start…IMG_6747.JPG


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