Introduction to Almost Jet Set…

Having lived here, there and anywhere I found myself living in San Francisco.

Originally from the City, New York City that is, us New Yorkers are taught New York is the center of the universe. I left New York and spent a considerable part of my life in Asia before moving to The City, San Francisco that is. I am adjusting to life in The Bay Area; and it’s slowly growing on me.

What I thought would be a short sojourn living the tech startup life here ; it has turned into a long more permanent station. One day I hope to see the company I work for have a great ‘Exit’. Silicon Valley has become the next Wall Street as the new gold rush where startups become billion dollar companies.

I wanted to share my thoughts and travel experiences here. You won’t find super trendy or professional posts with perfect grammar here, just me rambling about what I am doing now, where I am going and what I have done in the past. I am not a sophisticated foodie or an expert in wine, but I love to eat and drink.

Not a billionaire, millionaire, or any-heir yet by any means, but I do like to enjoy the better things in life when I can. Living and working here has opened the opportunity to enjoy some of the best the world has to offer. I learned to love were I am now… Now I love New World wines, California fine cuisine and even nature.

The posts and pictures may look like I live the high life, but I really do not. I try to maximize and strategize how to use points, miles, deals on hotels and airfare to make the most of my travel experiences.

Not a jet setter yet, but almost – maybe – hope to be one. I almost left my heart in San Francisco, but I can’t, I am still here.

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